Accusource Energy Management Inc. has successfully provided energy management services to the oil & gas industry since 1997.  We've evolved from providing consulting and specialized recruiting to comprehensive energy management services for producers, industrial markets and other corporate clients throughout North America.



James R. Crawford, President, is an independent energy business executive with over twenty five years of experience in natural gas marketing, contract management, wholesale trading, transportation and supply procurement.  Currently Mr. Crawford is President of Accusource Energy Management Inc. which provides consulting and marketing services to a wide array of producers and markets in Canada.  Prior to Accusource, Mr Crawford started and developed a natural gas marketing division at Gibson Energy that served retail and industrial customers throughout Canada and the Midwest United States.  Mr. Crawford has held various management positions with marketing and production companies and has extensive experience in negotiating contracts with markets throughout North America.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Calgary.


Debbie Skalicky, Vice President, Marketing, is an energy business executive with over twenty five years in the North American energy business, primarily in the areas of natural gas and crude oil marketing.  Ms. Skalicky is also President of DEMCO Marketing Services Inc. In addition to prior experience with Poco Petroleums, Northridge and the APMC, Ms. Skalicky has held various marketing management positions at Gibson Energy and Streamline where she was involved in all aspects of wholesale, commercial and industrial marketing of natural gas and crude oil.   She has built and managed large energy trading portfolios of customers throughout North America.


Denise Crawford, Vice President, Operations, has over twenty years experience in the oil & gas industry and has been a principal in Accusource since it’s inception in 1997.  She established Accusource as a premier consulting and recruiting service for many energy clients in North America and has managed over 100 employees and consultants.  Prior to her experience with Accusource, Mrs. Crawford held various positions with companies such as BP Amoco, ProGas, Alberta and Southern and AltaGas. She has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary and a wide range of energy industry experience, ranging from supply procurement, natural gas trading, operations, accounting and financial statement preparation and reporting.

Past and present clients include BP Amoco, Duke Energy, Gas Alberta Energy, Gibson Energy, TransCanada Pipelines, ConocoPhillips, Dominion Exploration, Nexen, Baytex Energy, Marathon Oil, Engage Energy, Shell Canada, CNRL and numerous other small and mid-sized production companies.


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